History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.

– Maya Angelou

Hello to my new friends, and welcome to my revamped blog!

My name is Heather and I am on a personal journey to not only find myself as a person, but to become healthier through Keto.

I am 30 years old, live in the Northwest of the USA, have an almost 12 year old son, and a very caring husband whom I cherish.

I have Lupus and Psoriatic Arthritis and have had these afflictions since 2016. I have been permanently disabled since 2018, due to them affecting my cognitive function so dramatically.

However, I still look at this as a blessing. It may have taken a whole lot from me, but it also has taught me a lot about not only myself, but about resilience. For that I will always be grateful.

I am a reviewer of books, movies, television shows, video games, and keto health and wellness products. I am a blogger and have been for a year now. I am slowly branching out and will eventually cover just about any topic under the sun you could think of.

I am a very passionate individual that believes in helping others through grace and example.

I am delighted to share my personal journey with you and that you are here! Please let me know a little bit about yourself and what kind of journey you are on.

Whether it be a health journey, fitness, personal growth, financial, spiritual, parental, mental health, etc. Anyone is welcome to join me as I go through my own experiences and journey. I would love to have the company.

Pleased to meet you! 🙂

In case you haven’t been told by anyone today. YOU are special, YOU are loved, and YOUR LIFE MATTERS!

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My policy is simply this. My reviews are mine and mine alone. They aren’t coerced, bought, or someone else’s.

They are my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and belong to me. If this offends or bothers anyone, then this isn’t the blog for you.

I am very much a Slytherin and deeply in my own ways and habits. Does this mean I am closed minded, no.

If I want to change or want to do something I will, but I have to want it. 🙂 Now that we’ve covered that minor detail.

  1. Help others through my personal growth and health journey.
  2. Grow in character and strive to become a better mom, wife, friend, and person in general.
  3. Stay true to not only myself, my family, but to others as well.
  4. Read and Review 60 Books by December 31st.
  5. Watch and Review 60 Movies/Series by December 31st.
  6. Lost 20 inches overall by December 31st.
  7. Complete a 5k walk by December 31st. (Doesn’t have to be all at one sitting but in one day due to my disabilities.)
  8. Lose 50 more pounds by end of April 2021 (already lost 79 so far on my journey!)
  9. Keep myself and others motivated to maintain our health despite Covid-19 and quarantine blues!

I’ve been rollercoaster dieting pretty much all my life. I’ve also had multiple eating disorders ranging from binge eating to anorexia. So you can see that my relationship with food is very unhealthy.

I have to be in control or I lose complete control. This is just how it has to be with me. Unfortunately, I am addicted to it and I can’t see myself ever getting to a point where I am not.

I have lost 79 pounds so far, I started this journey over 2 years ago and weighing in at 280 pounds. I was depressed, literally sick from my immune system, and on the road to dying very young. I since then have lost a lot of weight and found my soul diet (Keto) and I wouldn’t call myself a professional by any means, but I enjoy it.

I make mistakes and cheat and fall off the wagon. We’re all in this together right? Let’s support each other and stand tall through this hellish journey and make something out of it we can appreciate! 🙂

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